Questions / Answers

Upcoming shows

Where (and when) will next year’s shows take place ?

Such decisions take time, since there are many parameters involved. But as soon as the venues and dates are set, the information is published on this site (usually in June).
This is the official Enfoires site. The only reliable information regarding the shows is available on this site’s news pages.

In 2018, the concerts of the Enfoires will take place :
from Tuesday 16th January to Sunday 21st January 2018 at the Zenith of Strasbourg.

How is the city where the Enfoires shows will take place chosen ?

The Restos du Cœur, while choosing cities that can have a large welcoming capacity, are keen to include as many French cities as possible in their show.
The choice is made with the artists according to the proposals made to the association by municipalities.

Why aren’t there tours anymore like those that took place in 2000 and 2001 ?

Tours have a very high logistics cost, since the set will have to be taken apart each time, then put back together and adapted to the new location. Also, everything will have to be transported : teams, costumes, lighting, sound, instruments, etc…
Moreover, tours require artists to have huge time commitments.

Hence, the Enfoires prefer to remain in one city each year not only for economic reasons but also to ensure the loyalty of the artists.

How are the Enfoires chosen ?

They are chosen according to many criteria :

  • First of all, the artist’s will to let the Restos benefit from his fame, and not use them to promote himself ;
  • The artist’s decision to put their time and talent at the service of the cause of the Restos du Cœur ;
  • The artist’s fame and loyalty to the Enfoires, and, for the ‘new artists’, their recent performance in important events ;
  • The artist’s availability during rehearsals and concerts.
Why aren’t the names of participating artists made public before concerts ?

All the Enfoires of one given year cannot be necessarily present at all the concerts due to their professional or personal commitments, and last-minute failures to appear are known to happen.
Hence, the Restos du Cœur prefer not to distribute any list of participating artists in order to avoid any potential frustrations, complaints, last-minute ticket exchanges…

Most importantly, the Enfoires are not a simple juxtaposition of individual singers, musicians, humorists, actors… but rather a homogeneous group that changes at each concert but yet remains the same : talented, enthusiastic, and generous.

Why don’t the Enfoires ever visit any bordering or French-speaking countries ?

The Enfoires have a large fan base in Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec, and French-speaking countries in general. However, the action of the Restos du Cœur is limited to the French territory (excluding overseas departments and territories) and addressed to its residents.
In order to organize these concerts, the Restos du Cœur depend on the generosity of thousands of donors, as well as private and public funds : it would probably be difficult to obtain this same generosity in another country since all the profits are to go to France.

Another one of our concerns is limiting the organizational costs of concerts.
Moving great distances, managing international legal problems, extending insurance coverage, money exchange (outside the Euro zone)… all this generates additional costs that we must take into account.

Also, ticketing auditing is strictly monitored not only by the Restos du Cœur, but also by the association’s supervisors : the Court of Accounts, the Comité de la Charte, and the Ministry of Finance. It is therefore easier to limit the shows of the Enfoires to France. However, this does not prevent our Belgian or Swiss friends from attending the shows when they are held in a location close to their place of residence or from watching the TV show in all cases.
Let us not forget that the initial and unique reason behind the Enfoires shows is TV broadcasting.

Ticketing & Concert

How much does a concert ticket cost ?

The price of tickets is set each year on a free seating basis (same price for all tickets).
Everyone, including the volunteers, pays for their seat. Even the artists buy tickets for their family and friends.

The price may seem expensive to some. But not only is this an opportunity for watching a mega-concert with around fifty artists, but also all the profits are used to fund the activities of the Restos du Cœur.
Last but not least, it is possible for everyone to watch the TV broadcast of the concert that is always shown on a Hertzian channel.

Where can concert tickets be found ?

The Restos have neither the ability nor the time to sell tickets. It is why they entrust professionals with this job. The list of the points of sale is given on this site as soon as we receive final confirmation.

Generally speaking, tickets are first put on sale on the end of Novembre . Then when we have the exact number of available seats according to the set, direction, and security constraints, we put tickets on sale a second time at the beginning of January.
All practical information is given on the official Enfoires website, as soon as it is confirmed.

Why aren’t tickets sold all around France ?

The Enfoires give seven concerts for free, i.e. around 90.000 available seats (according to the theaters’ capacity). This number is largely inferior to that of the people wishing to attend the concerts.
If the tickets were on sale all around France, there wouldn’t be enough tickets for every shop and people would stand in interminable queues in vain.

After consulting with each other on an internal level, we chose to reduce the number of points of sale, knowing that we would never be able to meet all the demands.
Hence, priority is given to the points of sale in the city where the concert will take place, with a phone line that is nonetheless available inside France and another for callers from abroad.

Is it risky to buy a ticket from outside the points of sale ?

It is important to note that selling any ticket for more than its nominal value (its printed price) is illegal and is sanctioned by the law. This prohibition is printed at the back of the ticket. Whenever we learn about such a sales operation or attempt, we immediately start legal proceedings.

Moreover, the buyer takes the risk of sending payment without receiving a ticket in return, or the seller takes the risk of sending a ticket without receiving payment for it.
Also, a buyer or a seller may change their mind right before the transaction and thus oblige the others to restart their search… in which case it might be too late for them to find any tickets.

Note : since November 2011, the website Zepass allows people legally resell their tickets at the purchase price on a secure platform for this purpose.
To access it :

Why can’t we take photos during concerts ?

It is illegal for anyone to take photos or videos during concerts or to broadcast them over the Internet.
Please remember that a person can only be photographed or filmed upon their express consent. The Restos du Cœur are committed to respect the intellectual property rights of artists.

This is why the security service may ask spectators to deposit their cameras during the concert, and the Restos du Cœur may institute proceedings against anyone who broadcasts images taken during these concerts.

How is the TV station that broadcasts the show selected ?

Each year, the Restos du œur launch a call for bids for selecting the TV station that will broadcast the Enfoires show.
They send this call for bids in the fall to all the stations and make their selection according to the following three criteria :

  • The time allocated to the activities of the Restos du Cœur.
  • The amount of the additional payment.
  • The time allocated to the promotion of the CD and the DVD.

For several years, the Restos du Cœur In 2006, the Restos du Cœur selected TF1 because the station offered to broadcast short reports on the association’s various actions throughout three weeks, in addition to a debate after the concert with officials from the association.
Moreover, it made a donation proportional to the advertisement profits during the show.

What happens to the costumes and sets after the concerts ?

The elements that were bought or manufactured are redistributed either to the department’s Restos du Cœur or to other associations or theater companies that contacted us.
However, everything must be evacuated on the night of the last concert since the theater must be emptied for other shows and the association cannot afford to stock such large quantities.

Only the elements that can be re-used the following year are kept.
As to the very special costumes that are rented, they are returned to their owners.

Why don’t we sell more tickets each year by organizing more concerts ?

As we previously mentioned, these shows are organized with the sole aim of recording a TV show on a large TV station.
By the sheer generosity of their hearts, the artists have accepted to give 6 or 7 concerts each year.
But this already represents around a month of voluntary work for the participating artists.

Moreover, many of the artists support other humanitarian associations, and it would be very selfish of the Restos to monopolize them for the sole benefit of the association.

Buying the CDs and videos of the Enfoires concerts

How can you get the CD, DVD, VHS tape… of the shows ?

The Restos have neither the capacity nor the time to distribute and sell the discs and tapes of the Enfoires. This is the role of record shops, cultural product sellers, hypermarkets… where you can find or order a specific CD, DVD or VHS tape, if it is still available at the distributors.

DVDs have been available since 1998, and VHS tapes have stopped being manufactured in 2003.
Since 2004, the CD and DVD are simultaneously sold on the day following the concert’s broadcasting.

For online purchases, you may visit for example the website of FNAC (

The show Enfoires 2011 (Dans l’œil des Enfoirés) also available in Blu-ray.
However, sales were not enough to keep this format for other shows.

Why aren’t DVDs that are out of stock and shows that only existed on VHS tapes re-issued ?

First of all, it is an issue of cost compared with the profits made : even if you are a large number of enthusiastic fans, the Restos du Cœur need to be sure they can sell enough copies of each DVD in order to cover their costs.

Also, the shops that sell DVD follow the demands of promoting new products. Therefore, such a re-issuing does not constitute a sufficiently interesting event for them.
However, this matter is still pending.

Why do CD and DVD prices vary among the different points of sale ?

In France, CD and DVD prices are freely set. The Restos du Cœur have agreements with the main sellers, and they generally accept to apply only a small margin.
If you find price divergences among the different points of sale, we can only advise you to make your purchases where you find prices to be most suitable.

Where can I find posters, T-shirts, and all sorts of objects related to the Enfoires ?

As a 1901 association, the Restos du Cœur do not have the right to sell anything. However, they have an exceptional authorization for the Enfoires concerts, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, and images.

No object or document using the name or any photo of the Enfoires, the name or logo of the Restos du Cœur may be distributed or sold in any place and by anyone. If you hear about such a sale, this means it is a fraudulent act and we would be grateful if you informed us of it as soon as possible.

How do we fight the auction sale of ticket concerts or out of stock CDs/DVDs ?

The Restos du Cœur are careful to avoid any pirating (tickets, DVDs, etc.), and they are successful at doing this, based on the high sales numbers.
Pirates are aware of the charitable aspect of this unique adventure and have a bit more scruples than usual…

Moreover, the association contacts regularly websites like eBay in order to put an end to these illegal sales. There is very little fraud compared to the existing fraud on the music industry market.

Hence, since November 2011, the website Zepass allows people legally resell their tickets at the purchase price on a secure platform for this purpose.
To access it :

The Restos du Cœur and the Enfoires

How much do the sets and costumes of the Enfoires cost ?

Each year, the concert’s budget is put back in competition with the large TV stations. The Restos du Cœur never make the amount of these budgets public in order to avoid overbidding.
However, you should know that all the show-related expenses (costumes, sets, accommodation, transportation, lighting, equipment rental, etc…) are covered by the budget allocated by the TV station that wins the bid.

Every single Euro of the association’s funds (donations made by the public, grants, bequests…) is well and truly allocated to the missions in favor of the needy.

How much do the profits of the Enfoires amount to ?

The financial contribution of the Enfoires is composed of many elements :

  • the sale of the show tickets ;
  • the additional payments made by the TV station broadcasting the show ;
  • the sale of CDs and DVDs ;
  • the broadcasting rights of radios and TV stations for songs and show excerpts.

This allows the Restos du Cœur to collect 10% of its annual profits in 2017-2018, totaling 18,000,000 €uros.

All costs linked to concerts and CD manufacturing and distribution are of course subtracted from this amount.
subtracted from this amount. Even if the Enfoires and many technicians work on a voluntary basis, if most of the companies offer their services at cost price, and if some large companies and local communities subsidize the show, the total of these costs amounts to 3,956,000 €uros in 2017-2018, i.e. only 2.14% of the expenses of the Restos du Cœur.

Net income of the Enfoires is 14,044,000 €uros in 2017-2018.

What about the Sacem payments ?

Sacem is one of the companies that manage the intellectual property rights of singers, writers, composers, and performers. The Restos du Cœur pay all their due fees to it, but then Sacem donates to them the same amount.

Where does the name “Enfoirés” come from ?

‘Enfoires’ is originally a swear word that Coluche frequently used in his TV and radio shows.
It has almost become a compliment since then, and it is not one of the least effects of this adventure !

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