How much do the Enfoires bring back to the Restos du Coeur ?

Full disclosure of the accounts :

Rigor and full disclosure are at the heart of the functioning and of the management of the association.
In this organization led by the volunteers, the overheads are reduced to the bare minimum.

The assessment, the income statement (profit and loss account) and the account of use of the resources are every year certified by two offices of statutory auditors. Besides, a thorough control of the revenue court returned twice a report very favourable to the association, in October, 2003 and June, 2009.

And the concerts of the Enfoires ?

The Enfoires build up an important part of the resources of the association. Thanks to the voluntary work of the artists and to the diffusers chosen every years from a demanding call for tenders, they yielded to the Restos 16,526,000 €uros net on the exercise 2015-2016, which represents as much as the European help !

  • Incomes 2015-2016 : 20,293,000 € (11.10% of the annual incomes of the association)
  • Expenses 2015-2016 : – 3,767,000 € (2.06% of the annual expenses of the association)
  • Benefits 2015-2016 : 16,526,000 €

You can consult every year the accounts of the Restos du Cœur which make a detailed “zoom” on expenses and financial resources connected to the organization of the concerts of the Enfoirés.

To consult the accounts :

The accounts of the association are accessible on this page :

You can also consult directly the point Zoom on the Enfoires.