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Founded in 1985 by Coluche, Les Restos du Coeur is a French charity, approved by the state and founded under the official name of :
« Les Restaurants du Cœur - les Relais du Cœur ».

Its aim is « to assist and provide free help to the people in need, especially as far as food is concerned through access to free meals, but also towards their social and economic integration as well as acting against the all aspects of poverty ».
During the first year in the winter of 1985, 8.5 million meals were served. In the winter of 2006 81.7 million meals were distributed by the charity. Twenty-two years later, the number of meals served since the beginning has now reached over one billion... In France, 3.7 million people earn less than 645 Euros per month (more than 7 million according to European levels).

Even if twenty years later, the shortage of food has almost disappeared, poverty has taken a different outlook. And people still need Les Restos badly.

Beyond what can be done about food, les Restos du Coeur have taken their action further for ten years, enabling people to find help in all fields as well as helping people to be a true member of our society.
Indeed it is not enough to get a proper meal to get back to a decent living on a long term basis.
What you need too is a job and a house to live in.

Most of the resources of the charity come from donations and from the concerts given by « Les Enfoirés ». More money comes from grants given by local French authorities as well as European funds. Les Restos are very careful about the way private and public money is spent: general expenses are kept to the minimum (less than 10%) and unnecessary expenses are non existant.
More than 90% of the resources are therefore devoted to the campaigns. Such actions are only carried out on within mainland France. There are no such groups abroad which would mean more complex organization and would therefore imply more money to be spent. Different legal or tax contexts also imply that no other charity settled in or acting from abroad can be associated with the French group.

3rd March 2017 : Brodacasting of the show of the Enfoires 2017 (on TF1 and RTL)


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